Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Live long and prosper

Headline: "Oral Roberts' Wife in Coma After Fall" (AP)

It looks like the faith healer and popularizer of "seed faith" is about to lose his beloved wife.

Oral Roberts on meeting his wife, Evelyn:

"On the way back from fishing," he writes, "I stopped my car on a sandbar to talk." He said, "Evelyn, my huge, happy, hilarious heart is throbbing tumultuously, tremendously, triumphantly, in a lasting, long-lived love for you. As I gaze into your beauteous, bounteous, beaming eyes, I am literally lost in a daring, delightful dream in which your fair, felicitous, fancy-filled face is ever present like a colossal, comprehensive constellation. Will you be my sweet, smiling, soulful, satisfied spouse?" To that Miss Evelyn replied, "Listen here, boy! If you're trying to propose to me, talk in the English language." So, he said, "I did it over again, and I was accepted. And we sealed it with a kiss."
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